The Camberwell Camera Club was established as a community organisation in 1953 through the interest of a number of local residents.

To find out about the history of our club read the History of Camberwell Camera Club.

We offer opportunities for you to display your work or enter into competitions with other club members. Many members also enter National and International competitions. But if the photographic side of your life is just enjoying others images, then so be it! Whatever you choose we are sure you will enjoy your photography more with us.

Our fortnightly meetings provide a vehicle for members to show their best work in the print and projected image categories. Guest speakers and judges are a feature of most of these gatherings, covering a wide range of photographic subjects. Other sessions involve workshops on practical and theoretical aspects of photography. There is no charge for visitors who are always welcome to attend.

The Audio-visual group covers the latest trends and methods of creating AVs. The AV Group meets on the second Wednesday of uneven numbered months. This group shares skills and tips on producing audio visual sequence of digital images and competes with other clubs in AV competitions.

The Digital group meets on the third Monday of even numbered months. This group covers computer based photography including scanning, image correction, digital manipulation, and digital camera operation.

The Portrait group meets on an irregular basis.

Our new Pano-HDR-web group meets on an irregular basis.

Mid-week outings outings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month except for January & 3rd Tuesday in December.

Weekends away are organised at various locations for members to socialise and share knowledge on outdoor photographic techniques. In 2015 the first week-end away was to Warburton and in October we went to Maldon.

Mid-week outings are also run by the Melbourne Camera Club which Camberwell Camera Club members are welcome to join.

Through the association with VAPS and the Photographic Society, many of our members have gained national and even international recognition with numerous awards and honours.

There are five memorial end-of-year trophies, two memorial aggregate trophies and one special end-of-year trophy honouring the lives and work of members. The club has a concise monthly newsletter called Shutterbugs which details items of interest, up-to-date news reports and notices of special activities and meetings.


President:  Jim Love

Vice-President: Wolf Marx

Secretary: Fiona Anderson

Treasurer: Don Weston

Committee: Vicky Hyduke, Anna Janiak, Donna Killeen, Ian Spence, Anne Matthews, Graeme Shaw, Mark Lourensz