1. Is there a member or two who would be prepared to show an AV and say a few words about what they did?
  2. Are there any completed or part-completed challenge AVs?
  3. I have a few things I want to show about using Audacity.
  4. We can see more of the international competition AVs that we have.
  5. Is there anything that you would like us to cover?

Reminder about the challenge:
2019 Challenge
EITHER:  Poetry or Song   OR   Theme
on the subject of Celebration
We would prefer the length to be a maximum of 3mins 21 secs, but if this is difficult for the subject you have chosen or the poem or song length, please avoid going much over 5 minutes.

2018 Challenge
This was of the type known as ‘Photo Harmony’ (now called ‘Illustration – Music’). 
If you didn’t attempt this last year feel free to have a go at it.  Contact me and I’ll send you the three pieces of music and the rules.

Best wishes,

Wal Close