Action-Script-Droplet a short tutorial on Actions, Scripts and Droplets added by Barney on 16/04/2013

During the Digital Group meeting 15/04/2013 Barney demonstrated an Action-Script-Droplet which Adds Labels to Images Automatically

Shootout at the HDR Corral added by Barney19/08/2012

At our Digital Group meeting on 13/08/2012 Barney demonstrated HDR techniques using Photoshop and Photomatix to tonemap bracketed exposures of three scenes and then issued an HDR challenge to all who were present and signed up for the task.

Your mission, since you chose to accept it, is to go way beyond the call of duty, way beyond the Black Stump, to the tiny town of Marree (pop 70), at the junction of the Oodnadatta Track and the Birdsville Track and create an HDR image of the Miller Industries truck.

Techniques & Buying Guide

Computer monitor for photo editing added by Barney 2/5/15. I get asked this question so many times, posted an updated post here.

Having a good well-calibrated monitor is the biggest leap that you can take to improve your photography!

Laptop Recommendation for Photographic Work/

Dell UltraSharp U2713H 27″ monitor with PremierColor

Selective Sharpening for the Scene

Reverse Unsharp Masking techniques

One step Resizing, renaming and watermarking added by Barney on 24/07/2011

Seperating a low key image from it's background addded by Barney on 3/8/2011

Monitor Calibration using i1 Display added by Barney on 11/10/2011

Low Cost Colour Calibrated Monitors for Photographic Processing added by Barney on 16/12/2011

Repairing or Removing Distracting Backgrounds – Tutorial added by Rebecca on 19/02/2012

Fixing Old Photos added by Barney on 24/02/2012

Photo Storage & Backup procedure added by Barney on 16/09/2013