Ten club members recently enjoyed a memorable photographic weekend in the rolling hills of South Gippsland.

After a scenic trip to Kardella on the Friday afternoon, we enjoyed a quenching ale and nibbles at Ken’s ranch before heading off to view the sunset over the nearby rolling green hills.

There was a quick stop off en route in Korumburra to shoot a bed of flowers by the side of the road.  No hippies in sight, unfortunately, but we still managed some whimsical photos of photographers amongst the flowers in the sunshine and breeze.

From vantage points along the road, we captured the rolling hills, various farm animals and trees along with their lengthening shadows.  The photos were impressive and we were looking forward to some great sunset shots as we headed to our sunset vantage point.  Alas, when we arrived the cloud had moved in from the west and sunset was not what we had hoped for.  Disappointing but it makes you appreciate those good sunsets.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the BBQ was cranked up for a great evening of fine wining, dining and conversation.

The night quickly passed and it was time all too soon to head off to our sunrise location.  Once again the photography gods were not kind to us but we still managed to find some interesting shots of the sun’s rays piercing the clouds in the distance.  We stopped off at a dairy farm while the cows were being milked for an interesting perspective on milk production.

First stop after breakfast was a cycling event.  We positioned ourselves at the top of a steep hill hoping to get distressed looking riders as they neared the end of a hard climb.  We were not disappointed although a few did manage a warm smile at the camera even though we knew deep down they were hurting.

Next stops were a local market, an historical village and a flower show before we hit the beach at Inverloch for some great shots around Eagles Nest.  The rock formations and rock pools were fantastic and we enjoyed capturing some interesting images especially when the sun emerged from behind the clouds.  As quickly as the sun appeared, it disappeared behind some very dark clouds.  A clap of thunder and a heavy downpour signaled it was time to head back for a hearty Indian meal and more great conversations about the photo that got away.

Sunday emerged slowly behind a grey, rainy morning.  No sunrise photos and no zombie walk photos as we all got some decent sleep.  Our destination today was a rainforest, so the rain was welcome.  We headed off in a convoy stopping at various photographic opportunities on the way before enjoying a very pleasant walk through the forest and heading home well satisfied with a weekend of great fun, photography and conversation.

A special thanks to Ken and Kathy for letting us invade their normally tranquil property.

…Ian Spence

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