At our Digital Group meeting on 13/8/2012 Barney demonstrated HDR techniques using Photoshop and Photomatix to tonemap bracketed exposures of three scenes and then issued an HDR challenge to all who were present and signed up for the task.

Your mission, since you chose to accept it, is to go way beyond the call of duty, way beyond the Black Stump, to the tiny town of Marree (pop 70), at the junction of the Oodnadatta Track and the Birdsville Track and create an HDR image of the Miller Industries truck.

Fortunately for you, Barney has already completed the hardest part of the mission and you only have to enjoy Marree from your armchair at
In fact, all you have to do is click on the SIZE icon to enjoy a virtual tour of this bustling metropolis, whilst you are downloading the DNG files that were sent to you in order to create your own HDR image.

Marree Virtual Tour – click on the SIZE icon to enjoy a virtual tour of this bustling metropolis

Once you have created your image as a 16 bit tiff in Adobe RGB colour space, please convert the embedded profile to satanic RGB (or sRGB), downsize to 1024 pixels wide and email it to Barney. He will load it onto the “Shootout at the HDR Corral” page on the CCC Website with an anonymous title and then ask each of you to view the images and rank them from best to worst (purely using the subjective measure of your own taste) and let him know your ranking.

He will then combine the ranks and list the images accordingly. 1st Prize is a week in Marree. 2nd prize is 2 weeks in Marree…..just joking, it’s a great place!

Here are the entries, in order received: