This is an example of how Camberwell Camera Club supports its members with advice about their photography work.  I have taken this straight from an email…


Hi Dennis,

The image that you showed at the portrait retouching night was a tricky choice to edit and I think I've worked out an easy way to do it now!

I just worked on this image and  thought I would share…

I used this tutorial to give me the idea.

BEFORE IMAGE – the light was extremely harsh and the given space only allowed me to photograph in this spot (argh photographer's nightmare). The band of light at the top is shocking.

1. Make a duplicate layer.
2. Use the quick selection tool to select around the people.
3. Make the selection into a layer (duplicate layer). You should have the person with no background in this layer now.

4. Zoom in and erase any areas that you do not want to see. For example I had tiny bit of yellow showing behind the man's hair which would give my awesome editing away!
Now you have the person all perfect it's time to…





5. Hide the ‘person' cut out layer by clicking the eye next to the layer

See how the little square is empty here.
6. Make the background copy layer active. It will turn blue when you have clicked once on it.
7. Then I made the background seamless. I simply cloned, healed and patched the grass in my image.

8. Finally make the ‘person' layer visible again and this layer should sit on top of the background and look seamless 🙂 Some more minor adjustments might need to be made, but that's pretty much how I did it!


DA DA!!!!!


This could easily work with your shot of the girl that you showed at the Portrait night Dennis.
Let me know if you have any luck.

🙂 Bec