Due to rising interest and the involvement of more members, I have started a page which features panoramic images.
All panoramas are welcome, they do not need to be a full 360×180°. The only condition is that they must be stitched images with a width to height ratio of 2:1 or more and the longest edge must be 10,000 pixels or more, up to 30,000px maximum (jpeg limit). Jpeg file must be in quality 8 or else it is too large. You may provide the source file for uploading to our website or provide a link to your pano hosted elsewhere, for example on Google.

Panoramic contributors each have their own gallery where they can load as many panoramas as they like.
Please visit by clicking on the gallery thumbnail and please send your own contributions:

Mark Hassed

Barney Meyer

Fiona Anderson

Peter Pengilly

Bev Bryceson

Wal Close

Gaynor Robson

Diana Close

Brickworks Adventure

Jim Love

Wolf Marx

Graham Airey

Ian Spence

Colin Hunter

While our PANO-HDR-WEB Group was snoozing away in their beds, Mark & Barney were up and on location before dawn on a misty morning, blazing away with their Canons.
Click on Mark and Barney to see their tours. Use your mouse or the controls to scroll and zoom right in. Go full-screen for stunning detail. Find the monster in the loft.