A dozen club members have recently enjoyed a memorable photographic weekend in the high country around Mansfield.

The weekend started on the Friday when we journeyed to Mt Stirling to improve on that wonderful image Tom Putt showed club members recently of Craigs Hut in the snow at sunrise. After a pit stop on the way for a photographic stroll along the Delatite River, we finally trekked up to the hut to capture it in all its glory.

Our photographs were just as good as Tom’s except ours didn’t have the sunrise and they didn’t have the snow either. Never mind, we could picture the scene in winter and other visitors to the hut provided us with some interesting photos. A detour to Bindaree Falls on the way back provided a real treat as we were able to walk in behind the falls.

Following an early start for sunrise on Saturday we headed to the Howqua River and Jamieson. After a tour and lunch at the Jamieson Brewery we travelled to the Kevington Pub on the banks of the Goulburn River to view the old pub and the forested hills on the other side of the river. On the return trip to Mansfield we found a lookout with great views over the valley and a vantage point over the road where we able to photograph dozens of motor bikers as they rode the bend in the road below us.

Last stop was Mansfield Zoo for some photos of a surprising selection of animals that allowed us some interesting actions shots and closeups.

Following sunset photos of a pair of well rounded hills called The Paps we headed into the Golf Club for a well earned dinner and exaggerated stories of the amazing photos we had taken. After a great dinner it was back to camp for some fun and wacky light painting photography and digital graffiti.

Inevitably the Sunday sunrise approached and, following a tip from a local, we dragged ourselves into the cars for a trip to capture the sunrise near Tolmie. The road curved through the deep forest eventually coming to a clearing on top of a ridge with a fantastic view of high voltage electricity pylons and wires, with the valleys and imminent sunrise behind. Not what we were planning but where else would we get to photograph such a quirky sunrise through the top of electricity pylons just metres away. Even with an average sunrise, the resulting photos were impressive. Members headed back for breakfast, a trip around Mansfield sites then home well satisfied with a weekend of great fun, photography and conversation.

…Ian Spence

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