By Ruth Goldwasser…………………AV Group Convenor

For our first meeting of 2013, on January 30th,  we discussed the art and basic principles of good AV production. Members showed their works in progress and Colin Hunter gave an overview of how he made his Clan Dreaming presentation.

In an exchange with our club, ‘Australia Day Audiovisuals from Downunder’ was held on 26th of January at the Pretoria AV Club in South Africa.

Presentations were organised into 3 groupings by Jeff Morris, and the winning AVs, selected by their audience shown in the image above, were viewed again at our meeting on the 30th of January:

Documentary:         1st – ‘True colours’ by Wolf Marx.

                                       Equal 2nd‘Clan Dreaming’ by Colin Hunter and ‘From Lift-off to Nightglow’ by Bert Hoveling

Scapes / Travel:      1st – ‘Skylines’ by Ruth Goldwasser and Peter Coles

Nature:                       1st – ‘Lake Crespeina’ by Don Weston

Overall winner:        ‘Lake Crespeina’ by Don Weston

Congratulations to the Winners and thank you to everyone who submitted their work.

Planning: Two Subjects have been selected as Challenges for our AV Group. The first topic will be ‘Portraits (People/Animal)’ which is due at our meeting on March 20th (breath in……….. not much time left). The second topic is ‘60’ to be due on July 8th. The interpretation of both topics is purely up to the individual AV makers and we look forward to viewing them on the designated dates. So put your thinking caps on, your creative juices in action, and come up with the goods please. It should be very interesting to see the variety of presentations which address these titles.  Our next meeting is on Wednesday February 20th at my place with Special Guest – Barb Butler. To reserve your place, please RSVP to

Audience at CCC’s Exchange with the Pretoria Audiovisual Group – Image by Anna Janiak

Audience at CCC’s Exchange with the Pretoria Audiovisual Group – Image by Anna Janiak