March 2014 AV Group Report

The AV Group met for the second time at our new venue and view AV sequences by Ruth, Don and John based on the theme for the night of “Holidays”. Don's AV was from his walking trip through the Alsace Region of France and John's was of a hoilday he spent in Bali. Ruth's AV was to the song “I still call Australia Home” and showed excellent images of Australian landscapes, cities and nature.

We also viewed sequences to be submitted as entries to the VAPS 2014 Interclub competition. These were Ruth's “Judea”, Diana's “See the Beauty” and Don's “Katy's Journey”.

The issue of framing images in AV sequences and methods to zoom in and out of such imeges was also discussed and demonstrated.

With autumn colours rapidly coming to the streetscapes of Camberwell we look forward to members sequences to the theme “Seasons” at our next meeting in May.

January 2014 AV Group Report

Our Av Group met in the Club's new meeting venue, St John's Church, for the first time. The theme of the evening was “Creating an AV from scratch” and 12 of our Members joined in the fun. Wolf took photos of each of the participants and used those images to create the AV using ProShow Gold. He used music downloaded from iTunes to add to the AV and showed that it can all be done without too much hassle. The input from all the members at the meeting was excellent and a great deal of knowledge was shared.

The Group had received an invitation to join an international challenge involving clubs from South Africa, Britain and Australia and it was decided to accept the offer and take up the challenge. More details will be announced when they are received.

The next AV Group meeting will be held on the 19th March with the theme “Holidays” and we look forward to viewing members AV's on the night.

2014 AV Group

The Audio Visual Group of the Camberwell Camera Club meets every two months at the St John's Anglican Church, Rutherford Room, 552 Burke Rd., Camberwell.

Our group has some very experienced AV producers who are only too willing to share their knowledge with members that are new to world of AV's.

AV's are a fun and easy way to combine a sequence of digital images into a “slide show” with music, sounds and voice overs to give the show an interest and zing. Gone are the days when you inflict boring slide shows that go on forever on your family and friends! With an audio visual presentation you can combine your best images from your holiday and add the sounds and music that made the holiday memorable to you. You can also add a voice over that explains the sights you are showing on your images.

AV's can also be made of something that interests you. For example, why not make an AV for each year of your children growing up, or of that special event, wedding/anniversary, in your life. Don't bury your precious images in a computer file, never to be seen again. Produce an AV and let your family treasure your creativeness for ever.

Our AV Group will show you which software to use and how to create your AV's. We also have challenges on topics during the year to get our creative juices flowing. You are invited to join in.

2013 AV Group Report

2013 has been a very full year for the group, holding almost one meeting a month. These included informative tutorials, members' own works, International works and our invited guest speaker Barb Butler. This year has also seen new members making audiovisual presentations with all CCC  members invited to come along and join the meetings.

Ruth Goldwasser is relinquishing her role as convenor due to other commitments, but is remaining as an active member of or group.

We would like to thank Ruth for all the help she has put into our understanding of the art of making AVs and helping us to improve our skills.

Wolf Marx and I are taking over the role of convening the AV meeting.

We wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday Period

Colin Hunter


February 2013 AV Group Report

By Ruth Goldwasser…………………AV Group Convenor

For our first meeting of 2013, on January 30th,  we discussed the art and basic principles of good AV production. Members showed their works in progress and Colin Hunter gave an overview of how he made his Clan Dreaming presentation.

In an exchange with our club, ‘Australia Day Audiovisuals from Downunder’ was held on 26th of January at the Pretoria AV Club in South Africa.

Presentations were organised into 3 groupings by Jeff Morris, and the winning AVs, selected by their audience shown in the image above, were viewed again at our meeting on the 30th of January:

Documentary:         1st – ‘True colours’ by Wolf Marx.

Equal 2nd – ‘Clan Dreaming’ by Colin Hunter and ‘From Lift-off to Nightglow’ by Bert Hoveling

Scapes / Travel:      1st – ‘Skylines’ by Ruth Goldwasser and Peter Coles

Nature:                       1st – ‘Lake Crespeina’ by Don Weston

Overall winner:        ‘Lake Crespeina’ by Don Weston

Congratulations to the Winners and thank you to everyone who submitted their work.

Planning: Two Subjects have been selected as Challenges for our AV Group. The first topic will be ‘Portraits (People/Animal)’ which is due at our meeting on March 20th (breath in……….. not much time left). The second topic is ‘60’ to be due on July 8th. The interpretation of both topics is purely up to the individual AV makers and we look forward to viewing them on the designated dates. So put your thinking caps on, your creative juices in action, and come up with the goods please. It should be very interesting to see the variety of presentations which address these titles.  Our next meeting is on Wednesday February 20th at my place with Special Guest – Barb Butler. To reserve your place, please RSVP to

Audience at CCC’s Exchange with the Pretoria Audiovisual Group – Image by Anna Janiak

Audience at CCC’s Exchange with the Pretoria Audiovisual Group – Image by Anna Janiak