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Details for the CCC portrait group
Anna Janiak0418 567 007
This group meets on a semi-regular basis and has a particular interest in portrait photography.
New members are very welcome — please contact Anna.

About this group

Passionate About Portraits
CCC portrait groupIf you love taking portraits, this group is for you!
The more practice you have, the better your images will be.
Come and join our energetic bunch of photographers, as we become lost in the moment, taking images of models on location at places around Melbourne. We meet several times a year and enjoy what we do!
So members, if you are ‘Passionate About Portraits’, keep an eye out for our next workshop where Rebecca will teach you some new portrait photography tips.
We are always on the look out for people to photograph. So if you would like some free photographs of yourself, your family or children, please contact Rebecca.
Please click on the link below to see the images from our workshops.

Portrait Interest Group visit to the Zoo February 2016

Portrait Shoot Indoors with Lights October 2013

City Streets Portrait Shoot June 2011

A few tutorials on ‘Editing Portraits for Impact’ are listed below. These were used as part of a demonstration for members of the club. Click on them to read the tutorial.

It’s All about the Eyes

Presentation Glynn Lavender March 2015 – Street Photography vs Street Portraits

You can view this great presentation here – caution, large filesize! I suggest that you right-click on this link and …download file as… otherwise it will take ages to open in your browser.

The Art of Shooting People You Don’t Know