Pano Tutorial – How to create and upload panos to a free Google Views account

Please see the tutorial here Views Pano Creation Tutorial

We held our first Pano Workshop at Anna’s house on Saturday 6th July 2013. Many thanks to Anna for letting us take over her dining and kitchen rooms.
The group was convened by Barney and we had many enthusiastic participants and contributors.

The meetings are intended to have the format of workshops rather than lectures. Barney kicked off the first workshop and it is clear from the enthusiasm and participation of all present that we can look forward to many new ideas and proposals and the active contribution of all members to help the whole group to learn.

There is no doubt that panorama technology has become a mainstream part of photography and we have started this group with these goals in mind:
Capture and create panoramas by doing some fun projects
Master the techniques
Utilise HDR techniques to expand the pano capability to all light conditions
Post the panoramas on the web for all to view.

Here is the first fun panorama which we created together.

Please go to the workshop page to see a full size live panorama tour

At the second workshop we first created a “groupie” then reviewed the technical steps.
Go to PANO-HDR-WEB-Meeting_20130817 to find out more

See group member’s panos here PANO-HDR-WEB-GROUP-Member Panos

Your next goal – map your pano locations

This is a live Google map. Go on, click on the thumbnail image and have a good look around.
Look down, do you think OHS would like all those untagged power cords?

This is the future – and I love it! Be a devil and view it full screen
Rippon Lea House West & South side – Two panos with image hotspots and html link to Google VTour

Our next PANO-HDR-WEB meeting was part of the Phillip island Breakaway weekend

See the presentation here PANO-WEB-HDR Presentation – Phillip Island Weekend Away