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Welcome to the Camberwell Camera Club’s ‘ABC of Photography’.

This will be the club’s combined resource for the things you might like to consider along the way to better understanding these five things:

  1. The principles behind what it is that we do, when we set out to capture an image

  2. The effect that these principles have on the camera and lens that we use, as well as our use of the scene we’re trying to capture

  3. The choices we make, both in selecting equipment (for example, cameras and lenses), and the camera/lens settings

  4. ‘Post-processing’ – that is, doing with a computer those things that used to be done in a darkroom with smelly chemicals in the days of film (for most, now long gone).  Parts I, II, III, IV follow the links…

  5. For brave souls, the black art of printing the image.

Clearly, most of this knowledge isn’t new. The principles behind shutter speeds, lens apertures and even the ‘camera’ go back to the 19th century.

Pinhole cameras and the camera obscura go back further – the latter over two thousand years.

What has changed is the medium used to capture the image – an electronic sensor, made up of an array of ‘pixels’. The light shining through the lens onto the sensor nonetheless remains the same – you as the photographer still decide what and when to shoot, what to leave out, and how to deal with the various camera settings.

All of these things have been published on various sites on the internet.

None of this is to say that those things discussed here are the best or the only way to do or look at the things being discussed. You will likely have your own techniques that have served you well to date. If you have an alternative method or perspective on something, please share it!

The intent of offering this resource page is to better our existing understanding about the what, why and how. In that process, we share knowledge that will make us all better photographers.


Inghard Ehrenberg


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