Club competitions

Each month the club holds a competition for both novice and experienced members to provide an opportunity for members to get positive critical feedback on their work.  Competition entries are usually judged by the guest speaker on competition night.  The judge is given a number of weeks to view the prints and DPIs before club night. This is why competition entries must be submitted at the previous month’s meeting.

The document with the full details on how to submit images for competitions can be downloaded HERE

How to enter your prints and digital projected images (DPIs) for camera club competitions

  1. Check the entry date for the competition you’re entering: prints and DPIs generally need to be submitted at the preceding month’s meeting. See the footnotes on the table overleaf for exceptions.
  2. Ensure your prints and DPI files comply with the club’s regulations.  See below for details.
  3. Print off and fill in a competition entry form (download from the club website here).
  4. Send your DPI entries for competition AND DPI files for all print entries to by the previous month’s meeting at the latest.

The DPI files for print entries are only used for viewing purposes on club night, and are not sent to the judge.

  1. Bring your prints and entry form to the main meeting in the month before competition night and hand them to the steward.


For presentation and practical reasons, prints must be mounted for competitions.  The photograph can be stuck directly onto a mount board or, alternatively, a pre-cut or shop-bought mount with a window can be used to protect and display the print. Both methods are acceptable.

The back of each print should be marked “TOP” to show the correct orientation of the image. All prints should be labelled with the corresponding  DPI file name,

e.g. B356_201405_Raining Cats And Dogs_P

As well as submitting the print, a DPI version must also be sent to and must comply with DPI competition rules (see DPI rules to the right).  These DPIs are used for viewing purposes on club night only.


Images need to be resized for entry into any of our competitions.

These limits apply irrespective of whether the format of the image is portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). A square image would be 1080 x 1080 pixels.

File names must be as follows:

e.g. B944_201709_The Sunset_DPIB;    A365_201703_Home Sweet Home_P ; B965_201703_Rose_P