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Please email if you would like to join us at the meetings. No experience required.

About this group

The aim of our Audiovisual (AV) Group is to create presentations from our own images, coupled with sounds, voice or music to to keep family, friends or colleagues interested in watching them from start to finish. The group meets a few times a year to share knowledge, learn software and creative techniques and watch international standard presentations to learn the art of AV making.

A short history of the Audiovisual Group was published recently in the APS Image Magazine and can be viewed here.

Enjoy the Gallery of Audio Visual presentations by our own club members.

How to turn your slideshow into an AV presentation

Jill Bunting has written an excellent summary of what constitutes a well composed Audiovisual presentation and has kindly sent us a copy which can be viewed here. It covers the principles of good AV production and is most useful for those starting on the road to creating presentations which are more than simple slideshows. Her article first appeared in the 2012 August edition of AV News, a publication of the Audio Visual Group of the Royal Photographic Society

Please see other supporting material which will show you how to produce AVs (Audiovisual Techniques) and show you some selected examples from around the world (Amazing Audiovisuals)

Monday 6th March 2017 Audio-Visual Workshop

The AV workshop held on Monday 6th March was well-attended and it was good to see some enthusiastic new club members there.  The main purpose of the workshop was to choose the four AVs to represent the club in the up-coming VAPS Convention inter-club competition.

The meeting began with a discussion of the criteria that the judges will use.  Especially useful was information about how the judges might interpret them.  Ten AVs were viewed and members contributed very useful suggestions for improvements.  The following were selected:

3.21 section:  ‘Fresh Waters of Papua New Guinea’ by Ruth Goldwasser – a beautiful sequence about life along some PNG rivers;  ‘The Painted Ladies’ by Wal Close – a brief history of the old houses of San Francisco.

Open section:  ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Diana Close – an imaginative sequence of ever-changing abstract images; ’50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan’ by Donna Killeen –  a very moving sequence of the commemoration in Melbourne of the Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam.

Also viewed was an AV brought to  the meeting by Gaynor.  This was a tribute to Hamish produced by his friends and shown at an APS convention.

The next AV workshop will be on 29th May.

January 2016 meeting

Our group met for the first time in 2016 and viewed a number of excellent AV’s in the collection of Ruth. After each AV we discussed our thoughts on the production of the AV, which is a good way to learn how to improve on our own work.

We also watched an AV produced by John on some of the colourful pageants he witnessed on visits to Bali.

Our group decided at this meeting to take up the invitation of a challenge to compete with the South Australian Audio Visual Group. The competition will be held in November 2016 and will be in the 321 AV format.

January 2015 meeting

Our first meeting for 2015 was held in January and we had the privilege of being shown some of the amazing audio visuals produced by Barney Meyer for the National Trust and the History Teachers Association.

Here is one of the AV tours produced by Barney, which is in the public domain: 3D Interactive Court Room

Our group then viewed some of the AV’s in the “Mini 10” format produced by over the summer break. These AV’s comprise only 10 images and require the maker to convey the chosen topic in the small amount of images.

October 2014 meeting

In October 2014 we had the privilege to have a visit by the founder of AV Makers South Africa, Jeff Morris. He gave a presentation to our AV Group to which we invited AV enthusiasts from other Melbourne Clubs. Jeff gave an overview of how the AV Makers SA was structured and then showed a number of AV sequences and invited our comments. This made for an interesting and entertaining evening.

Jeff’s report on his trip to Australia can be downloaded here.

July 2014 meeting

The Club’s Audio Visual Group met on 16 July and Ruth and Don shared some techniques which will enable us to improve our AV sequences.

Ruth showed us examples of the effect of varying slide and transition times . It was interesting to see the different moods one can produce just by changing the time a slide appears in the sequence and the effect of the transition time to the next slide.

Ruth also showed us how to eliminate distracting effects of opposing movement when sequential images with zoom in and zoom out effects are used. This again can be achieved by adding duplicate slides with zero time and zero transition time in-between the sequential images.

Don shared three you-tube videos that deal with advanced audio manipulations in Audacity software. To see them visit link to AVs.

The Group also watched and discussed the winning sequences in the recent international AV competition, in which our Club participated.

May 2014 meeting

Our Audio Visual Group met on Wednesday 21 May with the theme for the evening being “Seasons”

With the autumnal colours being outstanding this year, Wolf, Colin, Ruth and Don produced sequences which featured the magnificent seasonal Melbournian offerings. Ruth also had images from a recent trip to New Zealand which showed off the autumnal colours against spectacular landscapes as backdrop.

Coincidently Wolf, Colin and Don all had poems added to the sequences which set the mood for this time of year.

After enjoying viewing and discussing our AV’s we watched some of the winning sequences from the 2nd PAVC Audio Visual Salon of 2013 run by the Photographic Society of South Africa, and the XXXIV Pomeranian Diaporama in Szczecin, Poland. Watching these Internationally award winning sequences gave us much food for thought and inspiration for our next meeting on July 16th 2014 where we will be information on new Audio Visual Techniques.

January 2014 meeting

Our AV Group met in the Club’s new meeting venue, St John’s Church, for the first time. The theme of the evening was “Creating an AV from scratch” and 12 of our Members joined in the fun. Wolf took photos of each of the participants and used those images to create the AV using ProShow Gold. He used music downloaded from iTunes to add to the AV and showed that it can all be done without too much hassle. The input from all the members at the meeting was excellent and a great deal of knowledge was shared.

The Group had received an invitation to join an international challenge involving clubs from South Africa, Britain and Australia and it was decided to accept the offer and take up the challenge. More details will be announced when they are received.

The next AV Group meeting will be held on the 19th March with the theme “Holidays” and we look forward to viewing members AV’s on the night.

March 2013 meeting

February 2013 meeting

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