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Linda and Edgar Gibbs at CCCAV

. On the 30th April our Audio Visual Group hosted two outstanding AV experts from the UK in Linda and Edgar Gibbs. In October 2012, Linda and Edgar were awarded a Master in AV from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain....

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Audio Visuals by Members

Members AV Gallery 2015 Update A new AV “See The Beauty” by Diana Close has been added to the AV Group members gallery. This beautiful and innovative AV, and others by our members can be seen by clicking on the link...

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January 2015 AV Meeting

Our first meeting for 2015 was held in January and we had the privilege of being shown some of the amazing audio visuals produced by Barney Meyer for the National Trust and the History Teachers Association. Here is one of the...

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Visit By Jeff Morris 2014

In October 2014 we had the privilege to have a visit by the founder of AV Makers South Africa, Jeff Morris. He gave a presentation to our AV Group to which we invited AV enthusiasts from other Melbourne Clubs. Jeff gave an...

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AV Group July 2014 Meeting

AV Group July  2014 Meeting The Club's Audio Visual Group met on 16 July and Ruth and Don shared some techniques which will enable us to improve our AV sequences. Ruth showed us examples of the effect of varying slide and...

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March 2014 Audio Visual Group

March 2014 AV Group Report The AV Group met for the second time at our new venue and view AV sequences by Ruth, Don and John based on the theme for the night of “Holidays”. Don's AV was from his walking trip through...

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February 2013 AV Group Report

By Ruth Goldwasser…………………AV Group Convenor For our first meeting of 2013, on January 30th,  we discussed the art and basic principles of good AV production. Members showed their works in...

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