Beyond point and shoot

Digital Camera Course

Portrait Workshop at the 2014 Course

The Beyond Point and Shoot, digital photography course was highly praised last year when advanced Camberwell Camera Club members ran another successful intake of students. The camera and photography course was developed by Club Member Graz Tinney and is a great way to learn and upgrade your photographic skills.

2016 course coordinator, Duane Harris, has planned the 7 session evening course to entice local amateur photographers to go beyond the point and shoot with their cameras. Three half-day workshops also encouraged course participants to put the theory into practice. Facilitators of the course share knowledge on the following topics: Effective composition, Cameras and lenses, Light: Natural and Artificial, Using Imaging Software, Landscape and Urban Photography, Portrait Photography, Exhibiting work, mounting and framing images. The three workshops offer practical applications for photographing Landscape scenes, People outdoors and Still life set-ups.

Ken Spence, president of Camberwell Camera Club commented “This course is perfect for people who know how to use their camera in a general sense, but want to take their images to the next level! We are very proud to have received such great feedback and look forward to running the course again in 2016.” The course participants enjoy hearing from a range of presenters and their experiences. Evening sessions run for two hours and start at 7:30pm giving participants plenty of time to take part if they work full time. The evening sessions are held at the St John’s Anglican Church, Rutherford Room, 552 Burke Rd, Camberwell.
Camberwell Camera Club is made up of a wonderful group of friendly, knowledgeable photographers who all share a common interest. The club is very proud of the wide range of photographers who come and critique their photography work at bi-monthly meetings. Camberwell Camera Club also holds mid-week and weekend photography outings for its members and offers evening meetings related to post processing techniques, HDR/Panoramic and audio visual creation. Joining our Club is a fantastic opportunity to improve your photographic skills. The Photography and Camera course is suitable for photographers who want to take their basic photography skills beyond the point and shoot. For enquiries please contact the course administrator,

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