AV Group July  2014 Meeting

The Club's Audio Visual Group met on 16 July and Ruth and Don shared some techniques which will enable us to improve our AV sequences.

Ruth showed us examples of the effect of varying slide and transition times . It was interesting to see the different moods one can produce just by changing the time a slide appears in the sequence and the effect of the transition time to the next slide.

Ruth also showed us how to eliminate distracting effects of opposing movement when sequential images with zoom in and zoom out effects are used. This again can be achieved by adding duplicate slides with zero time and zero transition time in-between the sequential images.

Don shared three you-tube videos that deal with advanced audio manipulations in Audacity software. The link to these videos is: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/elfub3xefqiec27/AAAYQ9rckiRj_1sWOGibVYzHa

The Group also watched and discussed the winning sequences in the recent international AV competition, in which our Club participated.