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Capture lightning and clouds during a thunderstorm

DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO PUT YOUR CAMERA ON A CARBON FIBRE POLE!!! GEAR: Tripod, 14mm Samyang $450 lens, Sony A7R2 body, remote wireless trigger to avoid bumping. No1 1s f/22 ISO6400 captures the lightning. You can't predict the lightning, so just keep on pressing the trigger repetitively. No2, in RAW set highlights -100 to reveal the lightning bolt, Contrast +100   No3, apply Nik Color Efex to add some drama via contrast No4, find another frame with nice lighting inside the cloud,  Mask the unwanted areas, set to screen mode with 75% opacity. No5, promote all to a...

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Beyond Point and Shoot Course 2016

Beyond point and shoot Digital Camera Course The Beyond Point and Shoot, digital photography course was highly praised last year when advanced Camberwell Camera Club members ran another successful intake of students. The camera and photography course was developed by Club Member Graz Tinney and is a great way to learn and upgrade your photographic skills. 2016 course coordinator, Duane Harris, has planned the 7 session evening course to entice local amateur photographers to go beyond the point and shoot with their cameras. Three half-day workshops also encouraged course participants to put the theory into practice. Facilitators of the course share knowledge...

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iPhone Instructions CCC Shared Calendar

Instructions supplied by Dmitry for setting up iPhone Calendar synch. The first bit worked well for me. I have added new calendar to my list using "Add by URL" and ICAL Calendar Address link. No problems. The second bit required some adjustment. New calendar did not appear on my iPhone 5C with iOS 8.3 after been added to my Google calendars list. To fix it just visit from device browser or PC. You may have to log in. Select Camberwell Camera Club calendar: use the checkbox should be like this: Press Save button. After this change Camberwel Camera Club calendar should appear in calendars list on your iPhone. Then go back to Calendar application on your iPhone, choose Calendars at the bottom of the screen and select Camberwell Camera Club: Press Done on the top right. Now you should be able to see Camberwell Camera Club events in your calendar:...

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Google Shared Calendar – How to use it

Our new CCC Shared Calendar has many advantages for club members as well as website administrators and our planet: A shared calendar can be viewed by all, including the non-tech-savvy, just like the old text calendar. Tech-savvy members can download the calendar to their own calendar, where it will appear on their devices, mobile and desktop. Those who subscribe to the calendar will automatically receive updates to their own calendar. Those who participate only in monthly meetings will also be informed about all other meetings and may start participating as a result. The admin burden of regularly updating the beastly text calendar will be directly taken care of and notices of upcoming events can also be sent out as an invite via the Mailchimp. Accept the invite and it’s in your personal calendar. The non-tech-savvy can directly print the calendar from the website. Less trees to be chopped down and paper to print! Mark Hassed set up a shared Google calendar for test purposes, I would just like to show you how easy it is to use. BEFORE YOU READ MY COMPLICATED EXPLANATION BELOW, PLEASE READ THESE VALUABLE COMMENTS FROM JOHN HOGAN: Barney, I attempted to connect the CCC calendar to mine using the “Add by URL” method above. Got an error message. However when I clicked the “+ Google Calendar” botton on the bottom of the monthly calendar...

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Computer monitor for photo editing

Having a good well-calibrated monitor is the biggest leap that you can take to improve your photography! What a statement, but entirely true. Your monitor is the tool that you use to view your photographs and decide on whether you need to modify or edit them or make adjustments to the capture process. I am pleased that you are interested in a new screen for your PC for photo editing. I don't “know it all” but I struggle with these technical problems every day, know when I'm beat and try to find solutions or workarounds! I do run some technical...

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