During the Digital Group meeting 15/04/2013 Barney demonstrated an Action-Script-Droplet which Adds Labels to Images Automatically

The following was covered:

  1. what the script does (there is a whole world of useful scripts out there and Photoshop uses many scripts internally) and how it can be modified.

  2. Creating an action using the script and why the action cannot do the job without running the script.

  3. Testing the action stepwise.

  4. Creating a droplet from the action.

  5. Demonstrating:

· how the final output has added a label below without in any way disturbing the image itself

· how Irfanview projects without resizing the image, and uses the laptop calibration profile

· how resizing an image for projection can have terrible results

· how using keystone on the projector can have terrible results

All pretty important stuff to make sure that we show our images correctly.

The creation of Actions and Droplets is also very useful for many other tasks in Photoshop, therefore the procedure will be shown in detail.

  1. A Photoshop ACTION is a set of Photoshop procedures which are recorded. The ACTIONS panel lies in the RHS vertical menu bar where Styles, History, Layers etc reside.

Recording an action is well documented: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/photoshop-actions/record-action/

  1. A Photoshop SCRIPT is an automated procedure for which a script is written. Many tasks in Photoshop are executed by scripts.

Scripts are listed in the File>Scripts menu below Automate

You can browse for scripts and Laod them, or you can simply copy them to the Scripts folder in the Photoshop program location.

For example:

C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)PresetsScripts (for 64bit Photoshop)

C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Photoshop CS6PresetsScripts (for 32bit Photoshop x86)

You will find a number of scripts in there already, which are used internally by Photoshop.

You can find many scripts on the internet and you can modify them in Notepad.

Photoshop has to be restarted after importing a script.

  1. A Photoshop DROPLET is merely an ACTION which has been converted to an Executable file which (usually) is dropped onto the desktop. Drag one or more images onto a droplet and the action is carried out on all of them.

The action Add Label Below was recorded in the set CCC_Relabel_DPI

Detailed steps

Change image to 300DPI but still same pixel dimensions (this keeps the label font size the same)

Expand canvas size by 30 pixels below with a black bar.

Apply script “AddFileNamePlus” to write a title in the black bar using image name.

Flatten image layers.

Save and close

The result is an unaltered image with a 30pixel high black bar added below containing the image title (with the .jpg extension removed)

The resulting image can now be screened in Irfanview at a 1:1 size with full colour management and without distortion caused by resampling.

When we are satisfied with the script we can create a DROPLET

File>Automate>Create Droplet

Choose the Action set and the Action that you want to carry out.

Save the Droplet in a secure location, then copy it onto your desktop, where it looks like this:

Now drag as many images as you like onto the droplet and the action “Add label below” will be automatically carried out while you go and put the kettle on.

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