Article kindly compiled by Matt Moore

This information is about past members whom the Club has honoured by naming  trophies after them. We have put out a call for images featuring all past members and images created by them. These images will be added to a past-member gallery which you can see here in our Gallery of Past Members

Please search you archives to find all images and information from/ about past members so that we may enjoy their contribution to our club.


(Best Monochrome Large Print)

George Thomas FAPS, SSVAPS passed away in June 2012. He joining Camberwell Camera Club in 1968 and not long after accepted a position on the committee where at various periods he headed the sub-committees of the Print and Slide Groups. In 1983 George became Vice President and in 1985 was elected President where for the next seven years he was a very popular worthy leader of this Club. In 1991 he was awarded Honorary Life Membership of Camberwell Camera Club.

George spent some time as APS Print Folio Director and later was on the FIAP Honours Application Panel. In later years he was Verifying Officer for applicants requesting APS Honours. George was a consistent exhibitor in National and International Exhibitions and in 2009 received the Photographic Honour of FAPS. He also served for many years on the VAPS National Exhibition Judging Panel and was presented with  the service award of SSVAPS in 2004.


(People/Portrait Projected Image)

Edith Conway joined Camberwell Camera Club as a young lady in 1968 and after 44 years working for the club, the last 32 years as Secretary, she passed away on  11th October 2012.

Edith took over the duties of Club Secretary in 1980 and carried out the arduous  duties of this important position proficiently and amiably until her death. In 1998 she was made a Life Member of Camberwell Camera Club and in 2003 was awarded the Meritorious Service Award from the VAPS.

During her period as secretary Edith felt duty bound to attend as many of the APS and VAPS annual conventions as she was able and where she became universally known as a popular representative of Camberwell Camera Club.



(Best B Grade Print)

Barbara Symonds joined Camberwell Camera Club in May 1989 on retirement from the Department of Social Services Children's Department. She had a long time interest in photography as a hobby but joining our club  revived her enthusiasm for photography where she rapidly developed new skills and interests. When the club extended competition to include Small Prints she took up the challenge enthusiastically and became a very competent and successful entrant.

For many years with her longstanding friend Olive Chesworth, who joined Camberwell Camera Club at the same time,  they were Interclub Competition Stewards and Barbara also became our very popular Club Hostess.  Barbara passed away in 1999.



(Best Colour Projected Image)

Wilfred was one of those who instigated the meeting in 1953 that resulted in the foundation of Camberwell Camera Club. He held the position of Vice-President from inauguration until 1963 and President from then until he passed away in June 1967. Wilfred was a very experienced photographer and major force in the meteoric rise of the new club. The work and enthusiasm he put into this organisation during his 14 years was such that for many years after his sudden death he was spoken of as the “Father of Camberwell Camera Club”.


(Best Large Print)     

Gordon joined Camberwell in 1959 and was Vice-President from 1960 until his death in August 1965 at the age of 45 years. He was Chief Government Photographer of the Lands Department and so very well versed in black and white photography. This knowledge he took every opportunity to pass on to our members and, as a popular competition judge, to other members of the photographic fraternity. He was a foundation member of APS.

(Phillip Hankin, our committee member 2013 , is his son)


(Best Architectural Print)

George came from Switzerland and joined Camberwell in 1957. He was Publicity Officer in 1959 and 1960 and Competition Steward from 1966 to 1972. He was a very competent Dark Room worker and was ever ready to teach members in his home. George was a very competent and popular Judge and also a Foundation Member of the APS.


(Best Landscape Projected Image.)

Viola was Secretary of Camberwell Camera Club for 12 years from 1958 to 1970. She and her husband, Arthur, were foundation members but their expertise were in movies. However, Wilfred Broadhead encouraged them to do Black and White printing and they became experts at producing excellent competition prints


(Best Large Print of Living Flora)

Viv joined Camberwell Camera Club in 1957 and Nell in 1960 and together they became a formidable force in the club. Viv served on the committee from 1963, was President from 1967 to 1976 and Vice-President until 1986. Nell joined the committee in 1970, was Secretary from 1971 to1975 and Assistant Secretary until 1986.


(Yearly aggregate award winner in Projected Images)

Albert was Vice-President of Camberwell Camera Club from 1965 to 1975. He was a very experienced photographer and held an ARPS (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society)


(Yearly aggregate award winner in Large Prints)

Don was a Foundation Member of Camberwell Camera Club and served as Treasurer from inception in 1953 until 1968 and was President from 1977 till 1984. While, as President, Don made many significant improvements in the club, he is best remembered for his enthusiastic endeavours in leading the club to producing award winning AVs.