shop prop cropTo start – a look at some principles to better understand what’s going on when we ‘take pictures’…

The elements of photography are in essence unchanged: there’s a light-proof ‘box’, a shutter mechanism that determines how long we let light into that box, and a lens to focus the picture onto a sensor at the back of the box.

That’s it – all physics and no magic.

What has changed since we (nearly) stopped using film, is the sensor. No longer is it a strip of film, divided into ‘frames’ by the images we take. That was the roll of film (the negatives) that went off to the darkroom (yours, the chemist’s or the photography store).

The electronic sensor is the new-(ish) kid on the block.

And that is where this journey begins.

So read on here, courtesy of an excellent web site named Cambridge in Colour:

Basics: How Your Camera Works

Qualities of Digital Photos

Advanced Concepts

Note – google any terms you do not yet understand to your satisfaction, for a more rounded appreciation of what’s going on.  And better still – ask another club member as well!

As of 2015, the club also conducted an advanced camera course, covering many of the concepts mentioned here.  That is likely to evolve, so stay tuned.

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