iPhone Instructions CCC Shared Calendar

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Instructions supplied by Dmitry for setting up iPhone Calendar synch.

The first bit worked well for me. I have added new calendar to my list using "Add by URL" and ICAL Calendar Address link. No problems.

The second bit required some adjustment. New calendar did not appear on my iPhone 5C with iOS 8.3 after been added to my Google calendars list.

To fix it just visit from device browser or PC. You may have to log in.

Select Camberwell Camera Club calendar:

use the checkbox

should be like this:

Press Save button. After this change Camberwel Camera Club calendar should appear in calendars list on your iPhone.

Then go back to Calendar application on your iPhone, choose Calendars at the bottom of the screen and select Camberwell Camera Club:

Press Done on the top right.

Now you should be able to see Camberwell Camera Club events in your calendar: