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Portrait Group October 2013

The Portrait group met at Anna’s home on Sunday 6th October to practice portrait photography. Anna’s daughter, Magda, very kindly and patiently agreed to be the model for the group.

Wolf brought along some studio lights and Anna had set up one of her rooms as a temporary studio.

We all took turns in photographing Magda with the lights set up to try to achieve the “Rembrandt Effect”. This is the effect of the main light falling on one side of the model’s face with only a small triangle of light falling on the cheek on the opposite side of the face. This is achieved by directing a subdued light at an angle from above the model to illuminate one side of the face only. The triangle of light on the opposite side of the face is created by the light shining over the bridge of the nose and illuminating a small area on the model’s face.

Rembrandt and many other portrait artists used this form of lighting to give a pleasing depth to the features of their models and is a technique that is often used in cinematography to bring drama to the facial features of the actors.

The images below illustrates the Rembrandt Effect and other lovely lighting effects in the portraits of Magda taken by Wolf, Anna, Diana and Craig


Magda by Wolf Marx

Magda by Anna Janiak

Magda by Diana Close

Magda by Craig Morgan