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By Ruth Goldwasser………..AV Group Convenor

An audience of 20 people attended the first part of Camberwell Camera Club’s Audiovisual Exchange with the Pretoria AV Group on Wednesday 7th November, 2012 in our club rooms. Eighteen presentations from the South African 1st PAVC National AV Salon were shown and participants were asked to give written comments and suggestions for each AV, which were collated and sent back to PAVC.

The overall exercise was much appreciated and we came away feeling stimulated by the experience, some wishing to see the presentations again. The evening was encouraging for audiovisual producers to try their skills in creating new presentations.

The second part of the Exchange, which has been appropriately called ‘Australia Day’, will be Camberwell Camera Club’s AV’s projected in Pretoria on 26th January 2013.

With much thanks to Jeff Morris of PAVC for initiating the exchange as well as thank you to each and every participant on the night.

Audiovisual Presentations sent to South Africa for Australia Day 2013

Bert Hoveling From Lift-off to Nightglow
Colin Hunter Wurundjeri Dreaming
Colin Hunter The Australian Rainbow   Lorikeet
Don Weston Lake Crespeina
Don Weston Pere Lachaise
Donna Killeen Uluru and the Olgas
Donna Killeen Water
Gaynor Robson & CCC The BBQ
Gaynor Robson Werribee Bird Sanctuary
John Varcoe-Cocks Great Ocean Road
John Varcoe-Cocks Melbourne
Matt Moore Avalon Air Show
Ruth Goldwasser Beyond The Sea
Ruth Goldwasser & Peter   Coles Skylines
Wolf Marx Kimberley Dreaming
Wolf Marx True Colors

Audiovisual Group Update August 2012

Our next AV meeting is coming up on Wednesday 5th of September. Please bring along any AVs that you would like to share or wish to discuss. The topic is Open and we will endeavour to respond to any AV queries that you may have. If you would like any topics covered, please email them to me.

Charles Hulse, an AV maker and judge from Adelaide will be presenting two consecutive evenings at the Melbourne Camera Club. He will be speaking about his methods of AV production on Wednesday October 5th and show us his award winning presentations on Thursday October 6th.

Our club has been invited to attend both sessions but we need to let him know in advance how many are likely to be coming. I highly recommend these evenings to you and please email me if you will be attending to

And the best news……… Our club’s AV called ‘Flavours of the Market’ has been finalised and we hope to share it with you very soon :-)

Ruth Goldwasser……………AV Group Convenor

July 2012 AudioVisual News

Featuring Ricardo Zarate

Our meeting on Wed July 4th, 2012 featured the works of Ricardo Zarate, an ingenious and creative French photographer. His images of street photography and macrophotography are outstanding and he demonstrated how he created the look of natural phenomena, such as frost and rain, from a setup using various interesting props including syringes, water and sugar. His photographic skills, combined with animation techniques and an uncanny talent for timing to music, result in very entertaining audiovisual presentations which he shared with us, sending us the raw files to view using Pictures to Exe.

Over the past couple of months we have been creating a combined AV from images taken during our club’s excursion to the Queen Victoria Market. We hope to finally complete this production at our 4th market workshop on Wednesday July the 25th and welcome CCC members who may wish to attend.

Please RSVP to

…..Ruth Goldwasser – AV Group Convenor….

April 2012 AudioVisual News

Audiovisual Group Meeting: This will be held at Ruth’s place on Wednesday 2nd May, starting at 7.30. Please email her if you are coming and remember to bring your Aussie Themed AV to show on the night.  

The audience at the Ron Davies Special

Audiovisual Report for February and March 2012

Camberwell Camera Club has held two Audiovisual evenings so far this year, with the next one scheduled for Wednesday May 2nd at 7.30pm, in Balwyn North. The evening’s challenge is for as many as possible to bring an AV on an ‘Aussie’ theme. This production is to have no recognisable piece of music. So put your thinking cap on, and let your creativity flow as you make a soundtrack to accompany your images. This is something different and will assure that the copyright police cannot slap us across the wrists when uploading our new creations to our own YouTube Channel at

Our February meeting was all about ‘Water’. Bert Hoveling, Colin Hunter, Don Weston, Donna Killeen, Gaynor Robson, Ruth Goldwasser, John Varcoe-Cocks, and Matt Moore had all created an audiovisual on this topic, and the entries were very enjoyable.  We finished the night with a couple of world class presentations by Ron Davies, as an introduction to his amazing skills which we were able to feast on in our March special. A new record of 20 people attended that showing, where a lot was learned and we were all amazed by his exceptional talents.

Anna Janiak kindly supplied the photo of the audience at the Ron Davies Special, taken on March 7th at my place.

Ruth Goldwasser – AV Group Convenor

The ‘WATER’ Challenge
Since out last report in September, the CCC AudioVisual Group has been busy. In October, those who attended watched entries from the Essex AV Group (which were originally shown at an interchange with the South Australian AV Group) and the winners and acceptances from the Third International MFFC AV Salon held in South Africa. There were some superb presentations to stimulate our discussions and our creativity.  At our November meeting we viewed the Upminster AV Group entries for the interchange with our own Camberwell Camera Club. This was not a competition but rather an opportunity for analysis, comments and suggestions made by our audience members which have been dispatched to their club. Responses by their group to our presentations came in today and these have been emailed to our AV makers. We hope to be able to do another interchange with UK later next year.
Our program for 2012 has been organised with meetings planned for Wednesday nights at 7.30pm. These are open to all members of the Camberwell Camera Club and no experience or knowledge is required. It would be great to have new people join, and if we do, we will go back to base one to explain how to make audiovisuals. I am sure many of you will enjoy viewing and trying your hand at this art and your friends will be amazed.
We’ve organised a couple of AV challenges for 2012. The first one is to make an audiovisual presentation on the theme – WATER. The interpretation is up to you. Try and keep it under 5 minutes long, and in a format that can be played on the club’s computer. Please bring it to show at our first meeting on February 8th, whether it is completely finished or not. The second theme is one on Australia, we are calling it the ‘Oz’ challenge but for the moment, our summertime is for concentrating on Water.
Wishing everyone a relaxing and enjoyable Holiday Season
Ruth Goldwasser
Ruth Goldwasser – AV Group Convenor

September 2011 AudioVisual News
To prepare for our meeting on Monday 5th of September, our audiovisual (AV) group had been busy. It was the night where we fronted up with presentations made in black and white, being quite an unusual concept in AVs as they are usually made for impact and colour. The following presentations were shown on the night, and they were stunning in monochrome and a great learning experience for all.

Bert Hoveling: A Monochrome Mixture; Sony WPA at Cannes    Colin Hunter: My Journey in Black & White; Melbourne    Donna Killeen: The Beauty of Black &White    Gaynor Robson: Street  Photography    Matt Moore: The Zoo    Ruth Goldwasser: B & W Spinning Around

A couple of extra AV presentations were added to our submission for the Upminster U.K. exchange. The final list is:

Colin Hunter: Burnham Beeches Estate; Sun Arise     Don Weston: California Motel; Lake Crespeina
Donna Killeen: The Red Centre     Gaynor Robson: The Day
John Varcoe-Cox: Welcome to Melbourne; Freeways     Matt Moore: Avalon Airshow; Mary
Ruth Goldwasser: Margarita; The Panda Story

We are adding an extra meeting to be held in North Balwyn on Monday October 3rd where we will view presentations from the Essex AV Group as well as the winners and  acceptances for the Third International MFFC AV Salon – 2011. This is an opportunity to see some excellent presentations.

Please note that the meeting after that, the viewing of Audiovisuals from the Upminster Camera Club, will be held on November 14th (a week later than the originally advertised date).

All Camberwell Camera Club members are invited to our meetings. If you would like to come, please would you let me know by email to


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Happy AV-ing