George Thomas

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George Thomas himselves

I took my first roll of film in 1938 at the age of 10 and I have most of my negatives, slides and digital images from that day to this! After a period of great enthusiasm with my first ‘good’ camera during the late 1940s photography went on the back burner (apart from an occasional roll of Kodachrome on holidays) until the late 1970s when my son, Evan, wanted to do his own black and white developing and printing. This was the kick-start I needed as I always wanted to get back into B&W, but my business left little time for hobbies.

We transformed an old shed in the back yard into a darkroom (unbearable in the summer, freezing in the winter) and both joined Camberwell Camera Club in 1978. The club competitions gave me the incentive to really get back to making better images and I can’t emphasise enough how valuable a friendly camera club can be to your photography.

I joined the Australian Photographic Society in 1982 receiving my Associateship in 1989 and Fellowship in 2006.

I’m not a Nature photographer but I have tackled most subjects. Now I prefer to sit back and enjoy others’ work.

George Thomas, FAPS, SSVAPS 2012, September 9

Images of people (link) (low level nudity)

Images of places (link)