How to prepare images for our website galleries

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We love to receive your images for posting on our website, but please note that our webmasters are unpaid volunteers and they cannot spend time fixing up your images, resizing them, adding labels. Please have the images correctly prepared for us!

How to prepare images for our website galleries:

Image width 1024 pixels maximum

Image height is not restricted, but practically, you monitor can’t show more than 1200 pixels height without scrolling the image.

Jpeg compression 10 or lower, but no lower than 8

Image name format: Firstname Lastname – Image title.jpg

If you do not include your name in the title as shown:

1. We won’t know whose image has been viewed in the site stats.

2. We won’t know who owns this image in our library

Please do not include number sequences in the name.

Check that the image does not have an embedded name assigned by the camera model:

This appears to be a problem with some cameras, especially Olympus Digital Cameras.

This automatically assigns the meaningless title “Olympus Digital Camera” to the image – and our webmasters don’t have the time to fix that.

Right-click on the image and choose “Properties”

The properties page shows that the incorrect title and subject have been assigned.

Click on “remove Properties and Personal Information”

Tick the boxes for title and subject and remove the information from the file.

Now your image will upload and the jpeg name will be assigned.


How to send images to the webmasters for uploading:

Please send an email to ALL the webmasters – one of them will respond and take on the job.

  • ATTACH your images to the email, DO NOT EMBED.
  • Computers named after a fruit will usually EMBED the images – don’t do that please as it is a lot of work to recover the image – in poor quality.
  • PREFERABLY – If you have a web drive like YouSendIt, SkyDrive, Google Drive, upload the images to a new folder in the cloud and SHARE THAT FOLDER.
  • ALTERNATIVELY you can load your images on a usb/cd and give that to one of the webmasters at one of our meetings.
  • There is no limit to the amount of images you can load but spare a thought for the webmaster that will upload them. 30 or so images is probably enough to give viewers an idea how brilliant you are.
  • The webmasters cannot download individual images, they would like to download the entire folder as a zipped file.
  • Do not include personal images in the folder that you wouldn’t like the public to see. We do not discriminate, if we find a naked image we will upload it to the club’s website. Art is art!

Updated by Barney 20/04/2013

2 Responses to How to prepare images for our website galleries

  1. Sue Rochford February 13, 2015 at 10:57 am

    Are there any special requirements for Mac users? I seem to only be able to attach photos into the body of the email. Is this embedded then? Sorry also couldn’t see how many images is optimal. Thanks.

    • wolfmarx February 19, 2015 at 1:10 am

      Hi Sue, that seems to be the issue with mac users. Probably the best is to load your images onto a usb and give that to me at the next meeting. I have modified the page to reflect this option. You can load as many images as you want but probably a max of about 30 would be good.