Gallery – Matt Moore

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In 1960 I purchased an Exata rangefinder 35mm camera. On getting it home I discovered that I would have to obtain books on photography to find out how to use it. Fifty years later I am still buying books or magazines on photography to keep up to date on this ever changing hobby.

In the mid sixties I upgraded to a SLR and in 1970 I became hooked on darkroom printing. In 1971 I joined APS and in 1976 I joined the Camberwell Camera Club. On obtaining some success in their monthly competitions, in 1978 ventured to entering into national and international exhibitions. Here I had limited success but sufficient to obtain my LAPS in 1983 from acceptances with prints.

In the late eighties I put photography on the backburner to give more time to look after my wife whose health was deteriorating. However in 2003 I rejoined Camberwell Camera Club and also the local Ringwood Black and White Camera Club. I purchased a compact digital camera but was reluctant to make much use of it because the whole concept was so new. I realised that at seventy eight years of age I needed to start learning photography all over again. After a while I began making more use this camera and was then forced to purchase an editing program for my computer. Although still struggling with this new concept in photography I quickly realised that sitting at the computer was so much more convention than spending two hours setting up a dark room in my laundry. I decided to put my film cameras into storage and have not touched them since. Returning to entering exhibitions I was fortunate to obtain my AAPS in 2009.

I am pleased to feature my Gallery on our club website.