Camera advice from The Age Green Guide

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Terry Lane writes regular articles and gives great camera advice in his IMAGING blog in The Age Green Guide every Thursday. They are well worth reading. I encourage you to buy The Age every Thursday and read the “Imaging” column and other great technology articles. Have a look at Terry Lanes blog at where he has some great equipment reviews

Here are some articles which are particularly relevant to our “Beyond Point and Shoot” course which we are running at Camberwell Camera Club:

Spot On Terry Lane in The Age Green Guide 26/5/2011: The limitations of automatic cameras come into focus.

Out of the Box and Out of the Box Part 2 The Age Green Guide 2/6/2011: Read the manual to get the most out of your camera.

SharpShooter The Age Green Guide 9/6/2011: Ditch the auto settings to achieve some truly happy snaps

Helps and Hindrances By Terry on 15 June 2011: Who’s the boss, you or your camera?

NOT TOO FLASH! by Terry on 22 June 2011: How to run flash movies on your iPad.

FACES OF FRIENDS & STRANGERS by Terry on 29 June 2011: Finding willing subjects is the hard part.

FACING UP TO IT – Portraits part two by Terry on 7 July 2011: Taking portrait photographs is really easy. Just find a model, decide what she’s going to wear (if anything, and that’s all we’re going to say about that), settle whether it’s her place or yours.